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Clara Lee

Hi, I am Clara Lee and I love painting on Eggshells. I began painting eggs as a young stay at home mother of six children in 1973. My first egg ornaments were Christmas card cutouts in glittered eggs. One day I was approached by The Holiday Shop in Birmingham, AL and ask to hand paint designs directly on the eggshells, I have been supplying this same shop with Eggsquisite Egg Ornaments for over 30 years. I immediately fell in love with this new technique and I continue to be amazed at how many people have come to enjoy what I Love doing -- Painting Egg Ornaments.

I love doing eggs so much that I have taught others how to do this wonderful craft and they also have their own following now, maybe you have heard of them - Susan Willard, Jim & Emily Holliday, Fran Lee Holliday to name a few.

The Eggsquisite Eggs make the most wonderful Christmas ornaments. They are very durable due to the finishing process and with the personalization every ornament is special. All my eggs are hand blown, hand painted and brush coated by me and my daughters. I have been hand painting egg ornaments for over 30 years. Every Eggsquisite Egg ornament is unique due to painting shades, styles, accents and even egg shape. All ornaments come in their own Gift Box and come with a card which gives the Tradition of Giving Eggs and an explanation of the 3 day process each egg undergoes to become an Eggsquisite Egg.

"The giving of decorated eggs has been an important tradition in the Old World for many years. The egg, symbolizing the source of life, is given to express the love and friendship that lies deep in the heart of the giver."

My Promises to You:

  • All Eggs are Hand Painted.
  • Each Egg is guaranteed.
  • Personalization is FREE!!!
  • Each Egg come in it's own gift box.
  • Each Egg is ORIGINAL, no two are exact.
  • All artwork is Original, no copywrighted art

Information coming soon on Clara's Daughters:  Marie, Stephanie, Candace, Christy & Brandie
(Clara also has a Son - Christopher but he paints with a much wider brush - he is a professional house painter.)

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