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How Does an Egg Become an Eggshell Heirloom
by Clara Lee & Daughters?

We purchase our eggs at a local Egg Farm where the grocery stores buy their eggs. We always try to buy the Super Jumbo Eggs, usually having two and sometimes three yokes. We will buy anywhere from 8 to 20 cases at a time depending upon availability. It takes us about 3-5 days of continuous work to clean all the eggs. We discard the egg yokes because they have been un-refrigerated for many days by the time we are finished.

Each egg starts in it's original unblown form. We blow the eggs using a dremel tool with a sanding cone to make a whole on each end. After the hole is made we use an egg blower to push air in the top hole of the egg sending the yoke through the bottom whole. When the yoke is emptied the egg is submerged in bleach and water for a thorough cleaning of all bacteria.



After the cleaning process the eggs are painted and glittered and placed on dowel to be brush coated with a special coating mixture designed just to be used in strengthening eggshells called "J's Complete Coat" (or you can use a decouplage glue like ModPodge). It takes eight(8)coats to level out the glitter for painting. If the egg is hand painted at this time we use foiling and acrylic paint and hand paint each design. When the hand painted design is completed we add four (4) more coats of protective coating then three(3)coats of high gloss polyurethane to seal and give the painting depth and shine (only use waterbsed polyurethane so it will not yellow over time). If the eggs are ornamented the final findings and beads are added. If the egg is a diorama (the inside decorated) the inside is painted and glittered the miniatures are added then the braid and beads are added to the outside openings. The last part of the process is the top & bottom gold plated filigrees, string & tag and the egg has been transformed into an Eggsquisite Egg.

This process takes approximately three days from start to finish and makes each ornament unique. No two Eggsquisite Egg Ornaments are the same due to the egg shape and the hand painted designs. Colors and shades will vary as well as size and accent touches. Designs are continuously evolving which also gives each egg and the year is was created an originality of it's own. We love to share with others that would like to decorate eggs as a hobby, it is an amazing art form. I have taught this wonderful form of art to other egg artist such as Susan Willard, Emily & Jim Holliday then Emily and I taught Frances (Lee) Holliday. If you would like to ask any questions about the process, please e-mail me at Anyone interested in Egg Decorating can simply go to a search engine and type in 'egg decorating supplies' or you can visit


Each Eggsquisite Egg Ornament comes in it's own Gift Box with a gift card explaining the tradition of giving eggs & the inside of the box is stamped with the above description of the three (3) day process each egg undergoes to become an Eggsquisite Egg by Clara Lee & Daughters. This is perfect when giving the eggs as gifts, it helps the person receiving the ornament to understand the intricate work involved and that it is 'A Real Eggshell'.

Start a TRADITION. Get an Eggshell Heirloom Ornament
each year and beautify your CHRISTmas tree.

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